February 3rd 2016-Understanding God’s goodness.

In Genesis 6 v 5-8 we learn a lot about God. Verse 5 tells us that the world at that time was full of evil, the wickedness of man was great. Verse 6 tells us God’s response. He was sorry He had made man, the evil grieved His heart, so He decided to destroy him ( v.7). Why ? Because God was fundamentally against man ? No. What he was against was the devastation, destruction and pain man’s sin and wickedness were causing. God’s goodness couldn’t bear to watch and tolerate the effects of man’s sin any longer. He loved mankind too much. God’s goodness demands that He hate and destroy sin, because of the destruction and pain it causes. Because it takes us so far away from what He intended, and does so much damage in the process.

In the midst of this sea of evil, there was someone different. Noah. He was not bent on evil as everybody else was. God’s response ? To extend grace to Noah. Not to throw him in with everybody else to be destroyed, but to preserve him.

So on the one hand God’s goodness meant it was in His heart to resist, and judge man, destroying those given over to evil, but on the other hand His goodness was quick to extend grace to anyone who’s heart was inclined towards Him.

James 4:3 expresses this truth ” God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble”. God’s goodness hasn’t changed.

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