Feb 1st 2016-Developing our appetite to be blessed.

Both Genesis 1 and Psalm 1 talk about being blessed. Genesis 1 says that after God made man, male and female, He blessed them ( v 27,28). Blessed means happy, blissful, but it also means a self-contained happiness, independent of our circumstances. Don’t we all need more of that!

Psalm 1 tells us how we can get it. Psalm 1 says ” Blessed is the man who….his delight is in the law of the Lord” (v 1,2). So one factor in getting this happiness, is to delight in God’s law. Delight means to love, hold dear, desire. If we delight in God’s law, which for us now is His Word, the Bible, we will read it and do it. The more we read it and do it, the more we’ll delight in it. Our appetite for it will grow. When you taste and experience something good, you want more.

This Psalm seems like a good place to start our 2 year journey through the Bible. It reminds us that reading and obeying God’s Word, will lead to us being blessed, experiencing this amazing happiness independent of circumstances. It also reminds us that as we express our delight in God’s Word, by reading and obeying it, the more our delight, our appetite for it will grow. We will just keep coming back for more and more, because it is just that good!

Lets develop our appetite to be blessed!

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